Remote Work Solutions

Remote Work Solutions

Working from home? Leave digital threats at the front door with BrightScan. (It’s like a face mask for your computer.)

Work smarter from home with BrightScan

As more and more businesses move their offices online, the threat of cyber attacks only increases. Studies have shown that in the age of COVID-19, employees are seeing longer work days and more screen time than ever. Unfortunately, the more we use our devices (computers, tablets, smart phones), the more they absorb your business’s sensitive information, leaving your enterprise vulnerable to cyber threats.

OpenAVN’s Distributed Threat Intelligence Network feeds users the most up-to-date information on the newest malware threats around the world. This of-the-moment information gets fed right to your computer using BrightScan, so you always have the latest in malware protection. OpenAVN’s intuitive software comes with settings that you can personalize to fit your security needs without sacrificing your privacy.

Torus, our new browser-based firewall solution, protects you as you surf the web, while BrightScan lives on your device, consistently refreshing its information for the most up-to-date digital threat information.

Large Enterprises

Stability and security in your control

BrightScan offers stability and dependability against the cybersecurity threats that face the modern business. BrightScan provides realtime protection from global cybersecurity threats. OpenAVN’s network collects huge amounts of malware data every day, which get condensed into malware definitions. These definitions are constantly updating and, with BrightScan, your system will have the most current malware protection. Unlike other antivirus software on the market today, OpenAVN’s global network allows it to feed its users these malware definitions in a matter of days, rather than months.

With constant tests, settings you control, and one of the largest digital threat intelligence libraries in the world at your disposal, BrightScan will take your company to the next level of endpoint protection.

Small Businesses

Privacy and protection that moves with you

In the digital age, the small business owner requires increased flexibility, especially as more work is done outside the office. OpenAVN makes cybersecurity as flexible as you are - set it up once, and it syncs with all of your devices, so you can set it and forget it.

BrightScan will be your new favorite employee - constantly receiving new threat information, running scans on your computer, and keeping you informed, whether you’re working on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Starting a New Business

Build on a strong foundation of cybersecurity

There’s no time like the present to start building your dream company! But how can you make sure your innovative ideas, not to mention your, and your potential clients', sensitive information is safe from hackers?

OpenAVN’s software is easy to set up and even easier to use. After an initial system scan, BrightScan allows you to schedule regular scans that fit your lifestyle.

Get started with OpenAVN today, and protect what is most important.