Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! So here are the answers to the ones we are asked most often about ourselves and our services.

OpenAVN is a global network of digital threat detectors that intelligently powers BrightScan and Torus. These threat detectors sniff out hundreds of gigabytes of malware each day, and pass that threat intelligence to our suite of products to better protect you from the dark side of the Internet.

BrightScan is the world’s first distributed, AI-powered antivirus platform BrightScan leverages the global OpenAVN constellation of digital threat detectors to identify, quarantine, and eliminate digital threats from your devices.

Torus is a free browser-based firewall solution that integrates with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer/Edge to provide users with a pleasant, safe, browsing experience. Torus detects the trackers and adware that follow you from site to site, and it disables them as your browse, so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

Nope. You are able to download Torus for free, regardless of whether you choose to use BrightScan or not. They do work best in conjunction with each other though to protect your devices, but Torus on its own, provides a safe browsing experience, regardless.

Furthermore, OpenAVN does not sell your data to anyone, nor does OpenAVN invade your privacy. Instead, Torus learns about the beacons and adware from the sites you visit, to better learn what to disable in the future. We want people to have the safest browsing experiences possible.

As mentioned before, OpenAVN takes your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. You can even privately pay for BrightScan using Bitcoin if you like! We do not sell user data to anyone. Ever. Read more about our privacy policy here.

BrightScan works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as Android.

Torus supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge.

For the foreseeable future, iOS does not grant the same permissions to 3rd party apps as Android does, so there currently is no iOS version in development. If that changes in a future iOS update, of course, we would love to help better protect iPhone users from malware and adware.

We are however working on some privacy tools for iOS that is expected to arrive soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update from us!

Home users can link up to ten devices to their OpenAVN account.

For more information about volume licensing for businesses, please contact our sales team here.

Our network is always connected! It might even be updating right now! Our network of threat intelligence detectors are working round the clock, all across the globe to bring you a sense of worry-free security.

Protect yourself today from tomorrow's malware