Privacy. Prediction. Protection.

Amplify your digital security exponentially with OpenAVN’s powerful security solutions. Brightscan ensures your device and system safety by using industry leading AI, machine learning, and distributed security protocols.


"We partnered with OpenAVN with the goal of improving the overall security of Superphone. They did a great job identifying potential security issues and providing an efficient pathway to solving them. Thanks for doing a great job!"

Ryan Leslie, CEO @

A powerful antivirus platform for home and business users

We apply rigorous industry standards that ensure your privacy and security, all while constantly expanding the boundaries of cybersecurity innovations.

  • Zero-knowledge proofs
  • No parsing through your personal data
  • Patented technology that harnesses the global digital landscape
  • Powered by Machine Learning and AI
  • Vast and ever-growing library of malware threat definitions
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Moves with you from device to device
  • Unobtrusive configuration
  • Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence

  • AI-Powered Scanning

  • Mach Speed Processing

  • Secure Privacy

Comprehensive AI Powered Protection

Brightscan combines industry standard protocols with cutting-edge technologies to protect your devices from the most critical digital threats. Powerful AI, machine learning, and crowdsourced threat intelligence enable Brightscan to proactively defend your system.

  • Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence

  • AI-Powered Scanning

  • Mach Speed Processing

  • Secure Privacy

Unobtrusive Realtime Browser Defence

Torus is a lightweight, privacy-first browser extension that actively predicts, prevents and protects your device from threats as you browse the internet.


Protect what matters most on your devices with the very best in digital threat protection

Protect yourself today from tomorrow's malware