Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Distributed Security for Discerning Businesses

In these already challenging times, your business cannot risk the additional cost of a data breach, ransomware lockout from your critical systems, or theft of precious intellectual property. Downtime is not an option, and your institutional reputation must be fiercely protected in our hyperconnected world.

OpenAVN exponentially reduces your risk surfaces with a comprehensive suite of products that provide unmatched endpoint protection. Drawing upon our global network of threat intelligence detectors, Torus is able to provide users with a safe, secure browsing experience that fends off the latest malware with AI-powered precision.

BrightScan for Business taps into the same, OpenAVN distributed threat intelligence network to detect, quarantine, and dispose of the latest digital threats—all while protecting user and company data privacy. Your systems are safe with the dual-powered system of Torus and BrightScan working in tandem to provide your company with up-to-the-minute protection that exponentially eclipses the competition.

Time is of the Essence

There are a staggering amount of digital threats and malware lurking on the Internet, and our patented system collects and analyzes hundreds of gigabytes per day of new malware from across the globe to provide your critical infrastructure and systems with the latest protective measures. Where competitors might take up to a month to provide you with a solution for a novel piece of malware they’ve detected, OpenAVN does the same and more in just a few days time.

Torus and BrightScan are lightweight applications that work hard while they work in the background, so your systems retain the resources necessary to carry out your day to day operations with comfort and ease. Even when performing a full scan of your systems, memory overhead is minimal, so that you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Distributed Deployability

Built to run across a variety of platforms, and provide each with rock solid protection, BrightScan and Torus are able to be deployed across your company infrastructure with ease. Management of each installation is a breeze, and our support staff are available round the clock to provide assistance whenever necessary. System downtime is not an option, and with BrightScan and Torus at your company’s disposal, you can rest assured that your systems will stay up and running, and that your critical data remains safe and secure.

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