AI Powered detection for complete predictive protection.

Available for Windows

  • Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence

  • AI-Powered Scanning

  • Mach Speed Processing

  • Secure Privacy

The brightscan platform

Brightscan is a unique, distributed antivirus platform that leverages one of the world’s largest digital threat libraries to provide the most comprehensive system file scanning solution available to home and office users.

A powerful antivirus platform for home and business users

Brightscan leverages a global network of digital threat detectors that aggregate terabytes of definitions daily, to provide users with the most comprehensive virus scanning software on the market.

  • total malware collected

  • total data points on network graph

  • new malware files found daily

A global network

BrightScan is built upon a global network of digital threat detectors that collect terabytes of threat intelligence every day that gets passed on to you in the form of new virus definitions that protect your system. OpenAVN has one of the world’s largest malware libraries, that it leverages to build definitions that protect users across their devices.

Realtime protection

Brightscan significantly reduces the risk of system failure and data loss on your devices by protecting you from the latest digital threats, and continually updating your virus definitions—magnitudes faster than traditional antivirus solutions. Traditional solutions have a turnaround of about 30 days from detection to inoculation, whereas Brightscan does the same in just 3-5 days.

Complete Control

Brightscan provides a number of options to efficiently scan your devices. A full system scan provides the most coverage, and can be scheduled to suit your needs. A custom scan will scan only the drives you desire, for better efficiency, while an on-demand scan will scan the files you want with just a few clicks.

Zero Knowledge Proof

Brightscan uses zero-knowledge proofs to ensure your privacy, and scans your entire system with blazing fast speed, all while you focus on what matters most.


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