Education Solutions

Education Solutions

Learning from home is the new norm, and cybersecurity is even more essential now that the classroom has been brought into the living room.

Whether students are using their own devices or those provided by their schools, they can tap into the protective power of BrightScan and Torus for peace of mind.

Educators have more than enough on their minds, so providing them with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that works well in the background is a great way for school districts to ensure distance learning runs smoothly at all times. Built to detect and neutralize digital threats, BrightScan helps teachers and administrators focus on educating tomorrow’s leaders. Together, BrightScan and Torus build a safer, brighter future for education.

Secure Your School's Spirit with OpenAVN

Higher learning requires scalable security to fend off digital threats across the entire campus. Whether your college has entire libraries or labs to secure, BrightScan is there every step of the way to create secure learning environments.

By incorporating rigorous privacy standards, BrightScan provides campuses with robust digital threat detection technology that can protect the entire student body from the latest malware, without fear of surprises hidden in the fine print.

Rock Solid Research - Peace of Mind for the Brightest Minds

OpenAVN and BrightScan are built upon the shoulders of giants in the same way academia is built upon the progress of its forebears. With this in mind, BrightScan is uniquely positioned to secure sensitive troves of research data across servers, clusters, and beyond, enabling the brightest minds to focus on what they do best—lighting the way for the next generation of cutting-edge leaders.

BrightScan protects the latest research with the latest threat intelligence. With a focus on stability, security, and standards, BrightScan is able to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, reducing overhead while providing peace of mind to the brightest minds.

Protect that bright mind with BrightScan