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Protect, Block, and Prevent.
Crowdsourced Realtime Malware Protection based on Blockchain

What is OpenAVN?

As the industry move towards the next phase of distributed ledger technology and blockchain adoption, OpenAVN aims to serve as the next generation blockchain based Malware Protection system. With the power of blockchain, OpenAVN creates a new network layer that will remain as a First Responder against digital threats.


OpenAVN protects your endpoints atleast 5500% faster* than traditional antivirus software. Ensuring security and integrity


OpenAVN creates a trust shield that enables a distributed protection network. Enabling superior system protection


OpenAVN's distributed database nature ensures that malware signature/definitions of your A/V product remains always up-to-date

Deep Malware Protection

OpenAVN integrates YARA -- A Malware Pattern Matching Swiss Knife to leverage its classification capabilities.

OpenAVN is built on several emerging blockchain frameworks and libraries utilizing the Etherium Blockchain.

OpenAVN takes advantage of many benefits of the platform, such as Consensus based Social Networking, Incentivization & Unified Submission Platform.

Smart Data Store

OpenAVN at it's core uses advanced strategic distibution to accelerate secure data storage and propagation thus minimizing network and storge overheads

Your Data, Protected

OpenAVN efficiently ensures that your systems are always up-to-date ahead of time. This prevents global scale ransomware attacks

Intrusive Blockchain Technique

OpenAVN aims to blanket the entire digital space with a trust chain that will pave the way to next generation anti-virus and malware utilities.

OpenAVN aims to ensure minimal integration overhead to enable rapid utility development.

At it's core, GraphQL based access enables ultra efficient queries to the network thus reducing the amount of data required to classify an object


Bug tracking

Deploy's a global scale bug tracking system for verified software vendors to enable versioning and accuracy across global scale deployments

Incident Response

With OpenAVN, securing entire Operating Systems at its core becomes a possibility due to opensource nature, immediately availability and high retention updates

Live Metrics

OpenAVN integrates advanced logging and reporting systems that provide realtime analytics on the network at any given time


OpenAVN is open source software released under the General Public License v3.0. OpenAVN has an active developer and user community. Join the OpenAVN community by contributing on Medium, GitHub, Gitter or requesting invite to test our Beta. Follow us on social media.