Outsmart & Outpace Malware

Outsmart & Outpace Malware

Hunt for Digital Threats across the Planet in Realtime. Detect, Defend and Exercise your Data Rights.

Cyber Threat Intelligence. Decentralized.

OpenAVN - Open Anti Virus Network, a blockchain based Decentralized Cyber Threat Intelligence Network is the universal first line of defense against cyber threats online. Speak with us if you would like access/contribute.

AI that Respects your Privacy.

Ethics driven AI & ML to protect your data. Our defenses are in respect to your privacy. Your data is truly yours.

Mitigate Cyber Threat Exposure with DefenseArk

DefenseArk houses a suite of products that brings protection to your Identity, Data & your Network and the tools to defend your Digital Ownership online.

Privacy First Security

Compliant with the latest security protocols, ensuring seamless security at home, at work, and online.

Mach Speed Processing

Built to harness the power of OpenAVN technology, our malware protection products are built with speed in mind, so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

Ease of Use

With enough settings to satisfy even the most discerning security customer, our products also cater to home users that want to be up and running quickly without a fuss.

Comprehensive AI Powered Protection

Brightscan combines industry standard protocols with cutting-edge technologies to protect your devices from the most critical digital threats. Powerful AI, machine learning, and crowdsourced threat intelligence enable Brightscan to proactively defend your system.

  • Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence

  • AI-Powered Scanning

  • Mach Speed Processing

  • Secure Privacy

Unobtrusive Realtime Browser Defence

Torus is a lightweight, privacy-first browser extension that actively predicts, prevents, and protects your device from threats as you browse the Internet.

  • Lightweight Firewall Solution

  • Supports Major Browsers

  • Detects Digital Threats

  • Protects Your Privacy


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