A refreshing way to secure the way you surf the Internet

  • Lightweight browser extension

  • Secures your browsing session

  • Actively filters out digital threats

  • Works in the background while you browse

Introducing Torus

Torus is OpenAVN’s free, decentralized, browser-based firewall solution. Torus is free when you purchase a subscription to BrightScan, and acts as your first line of defense against internet attacks. Like the shape it’s named for, Torus offers 360-degree protection from adware, phishing attempts, faulty links, and any other internet-based malware.

AI-powered, browser firewall

While working remotely, we are using our browsers more than ever before, and with the lines between work and home computers blurring in these challenging times, OpenAVN wants to do its part in making the Internet a safer place for everyone to work, learn, and play.

A Global Network

Torus leverages the global, OpenAVN digital threat detection network to provide your devices with exponential levels of protection. OpenAVN’s Digital threat detection network collects, and analyzes hundreds of gigabytes of malware and digital threats each day to constantly provide you with the latest updates in threat protection.

Your browser's first line of defense

Torus fully supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, as well as Internet Explorer and Edge so that nearly everyone has the ability to put up a first line of defense against the latest digital threats.

Your privacy is our priority

Torus and OpenAVN do not ever sell your user data to any third parties, because the only information we are interested in are novel digital threats that we can use to continually improve the machine learning that powers the exponential protection that we provide.

Browse Safe & Secure with Torus

Try Torus today for a much safer online experience that does not allow websites and advertisers to follow you from site to site, or allow malware to infect your system from your browser. For the very best results, pair Torus with a BrightScan subscription for the very best in digital threat protection.

Protect yourself today from tomorrow's malware