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About OpenAVN

The global, distributed network of digital threat detectors that powers OpenAVN and its services is built upon industry standards, and built by industry innovators with a passion for cybersecurity.

We are here for you

Headquartered in New York, OpenAVN is powered by teams that span the globe, so that your security goes wherever you go, and scales to meet your needs.

We do the work so you don't have to

OpenAVN collects terabytes of digital threat intelligence everyday from our vast network, and develops solutions to those threats, magnitudes faster than competitors.

Here is what you get

Where traditional antivirus solutions take up to a month to deploy denfenses for a novel digital threat, OpenAVN can inoculate your system from newly detected threats on our network within just three to five days.

About OpenAVN Technology

The technology that powers OpenAVN adheres to industry standards and protect your data, as well as your privacy to ensure a comprehensive security ecosystem throughout your devices.

Our Leadership Team

OpenAVN is composed of industry-leading innovators from across a numbers of sectors, each with their own expertise that lends to our core mission to predict, prevent, and protect every device that we can.

Investor Information

Investor updates, newsroom, financial data, additional reports, and pertinent investor information can be found here.


OpenAVN is comprised of a global network of future-thinking engineers, innovators and creatives who strive to create safer digital experiences for everyone. Learn more about working for OpenAVN.


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Questions, comments, concerns - we want to hear it all! OpenAVN is all about you, and we are here for you when you need us. As a young company, we are always interested in hearing from our users on how we can improve.

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